Doctor Deplorable’s
Book is Here!

Introduce your family to some of the strange political characters in modern America


Radio legend Jim Bohannon interviews Mike and reads excerpts from the book. (40 min mark)

Doctor Deplorable
Wrote a Book!

About the Book

(Stuck in the) Elevator Pitch

Caring parents should be present and involved when their children form their first impressions about Competition (C), the proper role of Judges (J), censorship by YouTube (Y) and other political matters.

By the time parents start talking to their kids about politics, leftists in schools and the media have gotten a big head start.

Political Characters A to Z will help you introduce your child to modern American politics, including strange characters like Anarchists (A), the Deep State (D) and the Resistance (R).  It will spark conversations about Hollywood (H), Talking Points (T), and Polls and Pundits (P). Discourage your kids from acting like Woke (W), fragile Snowflakes (S) and teach them to take pride in their unique Identity (I).

Explore these topics and more, all at once or one at a time, at whatever speed suits your family, with the help of our humorous rhyming verse and eye-catching illustrations.

Political Characters A to Z, soon to be the favorite bedtime reading of Deplorable families across the United States.

For a manifesto-sized version of this already too long elevator pitch, click here.

Doctor Deplorable

Doctor Deplorable is an American Bald Eagle with a stethoscope draped around his neck, and red, white and blue design elements. He is our trademark, and use of his image without permission is strictly prohibited. He is also the logo and the mascot for Political Characters A to Z.

Mike Zelenty

Mike Zelenty is the originator of the Doctor Deplorable concept and a board-certified translator of the medical eagle’s tweets. A latecomer to the publishing game, Mike spent 35 years as a corporate lawyer before realizing his true calling. Not that it really matters anymore, but Mike earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from New York University School of Law, where he served on the Law Review. Like Barack Obama, Mike Zelenty never published an article or note. Mike and his lovely wife, Maureen, have two grown children to whom they once read smart, creative, picture books as part of their daily bedtime routine.

Kyle Fleming

Kyle Fleming is an an unapologetic libertarian from Canuckistan. Eccentric and reclusive, he lives in a tiny house he and his wife built by hand, in the middle of the forests of northern Ontario. Fleming is recognized as one of the world’s best Etch A Sketch artists, and is constantly creating works in a surprising variety of media, as well as designing and building off-grid cabins for himself and others. He draws his inspiration from the vast wilderness he has immersed himself in, and spends his time fishing and exploring the area by canoe. You can view more of his work at: