All the News that Fits

by Mike Zelenty
February 23, 2019

Great News!  Kyle has completed all but two of our illustrations and is working furiously on the last little bits.  If all goes well, we should have the finished books in stock and ready to ship in late March of this year.

Also, scroll down the “Home” page or check out “Sample Pages” for our interpretation of “L is for Limbaugh” – see the half of Rush’s brain that he doesn’t use during his program.

BTW, did you know that the “FAQs” are not what they seem?



  1. Jack Lyons

    Glad to see your humorous response to the insanity that is the Left today.

    Wife and teenage kids will enjoy too, wallowing in the mire here in Chicago.

    There is tremendous hope for our Great Nation, through your work and all of our efforts to educate, from President down to parents.

    Followed link to you from Ace of Spades through Hollywood in Toto.

    • Mike Z

      Thanks, Jack, for your kind comments. I am a fellow Ace of Spades Moron, as evidenced by my AOSHQ license plate, and an admirer of Christian Toto (Hollywood in Toto).
      I am confident that you and your family will really enjoy the book. If not, click on “Contact Us,” for a mechanism by which you can lodge your complaint.
      BTW, I lived in Chicago for five years, including what I describe to friends as “The Winter that elected Jane Byrne.” Were you around for that one?


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