About the Book

The Manifesto

Good parents have always tried to inoculate their kids against peer pressure.  Most of us remember being asked: “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?”

Fast forward to 2019.  “Peer pressure” is the least of a parent’s concerns. “If there was a bridge nearby, and all of your friends, your teachers, your favorite artists, every writer of every Wikipedia article, 97% of ‘actively publishing climate scientists,’ Sarah Silverman, Matt Damon, and every hero in every story you’ve read or movie you’ve watched since you were ten years old were jumping off that bridge, why wouldn’t you follow them?”

Ask any caring parent and they’ll tell you that they were present and an active participant when their children formed their earliest views about religion, sex, and appropriate behavior in social situations.  Ask where those parents were when their kids formed their first impressions about competition, identity politics, government spending and polling data, and chances are the parent was nowhere near the grade school classroom in which those topics were first introduced.

By the time parents start talking to their kids about politics, subtle and non-so-subtle leftists in schools and the media have gotten off to a big head start.

Political Characters A to Z will help you make sense for your children of some of the strange political characters they will meet in modern America, such as Anarchists (A) and the Deep State (D).  It will prompt questions that you’ll want to answer about benign-sounding Boondoggles (B) that could bankrupt their entire generation, including  Universal Health Care (U) and other ever-expanding Entitlements (E).

The book will help you put your own “spin” on political consensus that is based on lockstep Talking Points (T), created with input from K Street (K) lobbyists,  conveyed by the Media (M), restricted by the Overton Window (O), and policed by YouTube (Y).  Teach your child about political trickery, like dumping bad news on a Friday (F) or mislabeling rational concerns as Xenophobia (X).

Be present when your kids form their first impressions of Competition (C), Hollywood (H), Judges (J), Polls and Pundits (P), the Resistance (R) and Venezuela (V).  Introduce your young ones to conservatives like Rush Limbaugh (L).  Discourage them  from acting like Woke (W) and fragile Snowflakes (S).  Encourage them instead to prize their unique Identity (I) and to improve the spirit of the times – the Zeitgeist (Z).

Explore these topics, all at once or one at a time, at whatever speed suits your family, with the help of our humorous rhyming verse and eye-catching illustrations.  Political Characters A to Z, soon to be the favorite bedtime reading of Deplorable families across the United States.